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A truly global and passionate group based in Toronto (Canada) and Bangalore (India). Established in 2015, we hit the ground running with our hands-on bottom-up approach to defining success. EndGate offers a wide range of services through its portfolio companies and stands through the mission to deliver results through innovation.

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Rahul Kumar

Director of Business Consulting & Founding Board Member

+91 95133 98352 / +1 (647) 779 3549

Rahul has been an entrepreneur since his very early school days. Being with the best brands and building brands has been his passion. He has done marketing strategy consulting and operational excellence projects with 5+ fortune 500 companies, several industry leaders and a number of start-ups located across the globe.


Rahul leads the EndGate's portfolio businesses and is also a founding board member here. 

Kenneth Cruz
Director of IT Solutions

+1 (416) 725 4991

Since the earliest memories that Kenneth can remember, he had been tinkering with computers for pleasure and knowledge. Now he builds user experiences from computers to smallest smart phones. He is passionate when ideas are springing out and loves to develop those ideas into viable products.  


At EndGate, Kenneth is the Director of IT Solutions.  He manages clients, which perceive technology as a strategy to business growth, with a team that embodies creativity, innovation, and pragmatism.


Director of Human Resource

+91 95133 98351

Neha believes in making ideas grow by turning them into concepts which she then brings alive in a tangible and exciting manner. Neha is the key driver behind endgate group as a process outsourcing ninja, and leads her teams towards the goal of delivering unparalleled experience across offshoring of operations.

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We are a team of out of box thinkers and risk taking innovators. We have added and can add wings to what others say, dreams...

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“We're a small and growing multifaceted company. We look forward to discussing with you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet​" 

Team, EndGate Global

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